Samsung IFD040 4.0mm Indoor LED


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Enliven Indoor LED Content
Samsung’s IF-D Series LED displays deliver a consistent and colorful presentation in any indoor environment. Configurable for both audience captivation and unique environmental needs, the IF-D Series are easy to install and maintain, and drive audience engagement at minimal total cost of operation.

Optimize Content Brilliance
The IF-D Series’ dynamic peaking technology combats natural or ambient lighting interference. Dynamic peaking elevates content to peak brightness levels nearly twice as high as the standard LED signage maximum. In turn, the IF-D Series produces brilliant content that shines against any background. * Here, “Conventional LED Display” refers to displays that do not contain dynamic peaking technology. In both conventional and advanced models, peak brightness and standard brightness can vary depending on composition and usage.

Showcase True-to-Life Imagery
Certain LED displays struggle with oversaturation that can give skin tones an unnatural reddish hue. Samsung’s IF-D Series displays mitigate these variations and maintain consistent gradation through in-depth color management, ensuring all featured subjects appear with lifelike realism. * Here, “Conventional LED Display” refers to displays that do not contain color management technology.

Elevate Contrast and Brightness
Samsung’s IF-D Series displays leverage strict Scene Adaptive HDR technology to create a comfortable, uniform long-term viewing arena. This includes specialized inverse tone mapping that analyzes and optimizes gradation and brightness levels within individual scenes while also eliminating shine. * Here, “Conventional LED Display” refers to displays that do not contain inverse tone mapping technology.

Reinforce Accurate Color Expression
A unique grayscale management algorithm empowers the IF-D Series to deliver consistent red, green and blue hues without distortion, even in low grayscale. Such color stability ensures optimal and uninterrupted picture quality in museums, galleries and other low-brightness indoor environments. * Here, “Conventional LED Display” refers to displays that do not contain integrated low grayscale correction technology.

Customize Color Presentation
Detailed color management also allows IF-D Series users to select, store and deploy the RGB shades that best fit their unique branding and content needs. Through this convenience, corporate facilities, museums and other environments can quickly deploy content at high clarity across multiple screens.

“Mask” Visual Inconsistencies
Dynamic lighting can expose higher pixel-pitch LED displays’ lead framework. IF-D Series eliminate this visual inconsistency by applying an external black mask* across the LED module. This mask closes the gaps responsible for the ensuing glittering effect, and reinforces uniform contrast. * The black mask module only is applicable for the IF040H-D and IF060H-D models. * Here, “Conventional LED Display” refers to displays that do not apply external mask.

Fine-Tune Uniformity
Rigorous factory calibration and real-time DSLR camera sub-pixel calibration fine-tune all IF-D Series sub-pixels for uniform brightness and color chromaticity. When coupled with the Samsung LED Signage Manager’s advanced picture settings, this enhanced treatment produces an excellent presentation.

Expand Composition Possibilities
The IF-D Series’ advanced design includes eye-catching convex* and concave curved configurations (up to 6,000R). Additionally, businesses can align their IF-D Series displays on an incline or adhere them to a ceiling**, opening new engagement possibilities regardless of environmental constraints. * Convex designs are only available for the IF025H-D, IF040H-D and IF060H-D models. ** Inclined or ceiling installations are only possible with the IF040H-D and IF060H-D models.

Streamline UHD Content Delivery
Samsung’s compatible S-Box condenses the delivery of compelling content to a single, centralized device. The S-Box transmits UHD content across multiple IF-D Series displays without requiring external boxes or splitters, helping businesses enjoy faster and more cost-efficient operations. * “Conventional display” settings will vary depending on the companion sending box and type of content ultimately presented.

Manage Content and Devices Anywhere
Compatibility with the MagicInfo platform enables IF-D Series users to create, schedule and deploy content across an entire signage network. Users likewise can monitor and adjust display settings and troubleshoot potential performance issues from any location via remote access. - Superior picture quality with LED HDR technology - Advanced design expanding composition possibilities - Easy and integrated management with the MagicINFO platform

Technische details

6500 K
16 Bit


120 x 180 Pixels
1200 cd/m²
Typische contrastverhouding
Kijkhoek, horizontaal
160.00 °
Kijkhoek, verticaal
160.00 °
Pixel pitch
6 x 6 mm
Display technologie
Direct view LED (DVLED)

Gewicht en omvang

480.00 mm
65.00 mm
720.00 mm
7400.000 g
Breedte verpakking
606.00 mm
Diepte verpakking
847.00 mm
Hoogte verpakking
179.00 mm
Gewicht verpakking
10400.00 g


Stroomverbruik (typisch)
67.00 W
100 - 240 V
50 - 60 Hz

Eisen aan de omgeving

Bedrijfstemperatuur (T-T)
0 - 40 °C
Relatieve vochtigheid in bedrijf (V-V)
10 - 80 procent
Temperatuur bij opslag
-20 - 45 °C
Luchtvochtigheid bij opslag
5 - 95 procent

Overige specificaties

Ondersteuning voor plaatsing


Video wall
Type beeldscherm
Kleur van het product
Internationale veiligheidscode (IP)


Levensduur paneel
100000 uur


Bedoeld voor


Surface Mount Device (SMD)

Schermhelderheid (piek)
1700 cd/m²
Instelbare kleurtemperatuur
Bruto gewicht
10 g