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Nexmosphere Lift-Learn demokit


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Uitgelichte functionaliteiten

Lift & Learn applications are an ideal way to create engaging shopping experiences between your brand and the shopper. The shopper is invited to pick-up the merchandise and explore how it looks and feels. Simultaneously, digital content is triggered, boosting the brand experience and providing more in-depth information about the product. By adding experience enhancing elements such as interactive LED lighting or audio, the lift&learn shopper journey can become truly unique.

Nexmosphere offers Lift&Learn technology in a wide range of modular building blocks, enabling easy integration in your instore presentations.

Lift & Learn demokit DM-AP06
Lift & Learn, 3 products / Place & Learn (DM-AP06)
3 Wireless Lift & Learn antennas
3 X-wave LEDs illuminated platforms
Motion sensor
HD video player with USB out
Set of 3 RFID tag disks
2x set of 3 seperate RFID tags
Touchbutton (switch functionality Lift & Learn / Place & Learn)*
Once powered, an "attract video" plays on the HDMI output. When the motion sensor
is triggered a "welcome video" plays and the LED lights change intensity. When one of
the products is picked-up, the corresponding video starts to play.

*With a touchbutton that is hidden in the acrylic, the functionality can be reprogrammed from a Lift&Learn to a Place&Learn. In this case the corresponding video will play and the LED will change color when one of the 3 tags is placed on the middle antenna.

Pick-up detection
Nexmosphere pickup technology provides a trigger in your setup as soon as a product is picked up by the shopper. The wireless Lift & Learn solutions detect a product pickup with no cable attached to the product. The small RFID sticker on the product will be detected as soon as it will be picked up outside the antenna area. Multiple tags can be detected on one antenna. See some examples of the wireless placing applications where the shopper can place a product inside the antenna range and its trigger can be used to start an information video or slideshow about the specific product.Use the attract video to draw attention to your presentation. Connect any of the nexmosphere pickup sensors to the Xperience controller and use it as a trigger to start the video or slideshow. Ideal to provide in depth information of the merchandise on display.

Motion Detection
Nexmosphere motion sensing technolgy can be used to trigger events on the Xperience controller such as lights to glow or a song to play. In the X-Dot M-series there is a wide range of different motion sensors of the shelf available, from narrow to wide beam, from short to long range. By implementing multiple trigger distances, the shopper can be subtly attracted from a distance and activated to interact with the product once being in front of the display. In combination with our data collection technology, motion sensors can provide valuable insights on the impact of your instore presentation such as shopper traffic and average dwell times.

Shopper activation
Nexmosphere provides a large portfolio of LED lighting solutions. Starting from flicker free white lighting, to multi color products that can be used to indicate an specific selection of products, nexmosphere LED lighting range all can be centrally controlled by your Xperience controller. Use your led lighting as Visual guidance dot lighting on the shelf, for example to highlight a group of products that share a specific feature. The Edge & strip lighting examples show application of LED lighting to illuminate the edge of a shelf of linear strips in front or in the back of the merchandise on display. In our Surface lighting examples we provide you some inspiration how a complete surface below or behind a product can be illuminated an animated to draw the shoppers attention.

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