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SMART Board 6065S iQ Smart Learning

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Highlighted functionality
  • Exclusive ToolSense™ technology – only with SMART
    • Able to recognize a virtually unlimited number of education-specific pens and tools
    • These pens and tools can be integrated into a diverse range of subjects & curriculum and can be adopted for a variety of student needs and learning styles.  
    • Beyond pens (e.g. different colors, highlighters, special pens, etc.), other future potential SMART block tools like erasers, rulers, protractors, stamps, and more can be recognized with ToolSense™.  
    • This not only saves teachers time, but can be truly beneficial to subjects like mathematics, the sciences, and more, and can benefit students in early education, students with special needs, and students with different learning styles, like kinesthetic learners.
      •     Proprietary technology   
      • An industry-first
      • Exclusive to SMART Board interactive displays (6000S only) – a bid lockout spec
  • HyPr Touch™ with InGlass™ - This provides industry-leading touch and ink precision combined with a low contact detect to ensure that inking is free from errors and artifacts. The 6000S no longer adopts DViT technology (Digital Vision Touch)
  • iQ Android experience, now built directly into the panel, provides the experience you’re familiar with – with better performance – without the need for an AM40 or AM50 appliance
    •  iQ switching time is reduced for fast, smooth transitions to and from iQ and video inputs
    •  Ink and freeze-frame over top any video input, not just iQ
    •  Reduced ink latency – for even faster writing
    •  Upgraded to Android 8 operating system
    •  Continued OTA updates to ensure you have the most up-to-date iQ features and capabilities.
    •  OPS expansion slot is still available to accommodate new SMART OPS PC modules for Windows 10 Pro deployment
  • New Convenience Panel – first adopted on the SMART Board 7000 series. Educators now have easy access to Power, Volume, Freeze Frame, Screen Shade, as well as HDMI and USB connections.
  • New Sensors
    •  Environmental – new built-in Temperature and Humidity sensors allow educators to help administrators ensure students have the optimal environmental conditions for effective learning. This also supports improved facility management and utilization planning.
    • Ambient light sensor automatically dims or brightens the display depending on ambient light levels, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.
    • Infrared sensor for the new included remote control.
    • Proximity sensor automatically powers on the display ensuring it’s ready for use when you are, and powers off the display when not in use to conserve energy.
  • 20 simultaneous touch support on both Windows and Mac - An increase from 8-touch support on the 6000 series, plus the consistent experience on both Windows and Mac platforms to support all education customers.
  • New tools - The 6000S series features the familiar red and black pens (with fine-erase on the reverse), but now 2 bar erasers are included and can be docked magnetically to the bezel.
  • Port modernization - Updates to USB 3.0, HDMI 2.0 and HDMI-out (HDCP 2.2) fast, future-proofed connectivity with high-bandwidth peripherals.
  • Sound audio -  Speakers have been improved to 2x 20W for improved audio in any learning space. Speakers are also now forward-facing.
  • ENERGY STAR® certification – now across all sizes – 65”, 75” and 86” – for a very low total cost of ownership and low ecological footprint.
  • Live Input Preview - Just like the 7000 series, the 6000S series will now provide a live preview of any connected video input to take the guesswork out of input switching
  • Ink over any video input - simply press the Freeze button, pick up a pen, and ink over any video input. Whether you’re connected to an Apple TV or AV peripheral of your choice, get interactive and save your screen capture & ink directly to iQ’s Files Library.
  • Included remote control and wall bracket
  • Included SMART Assure Warranty - offering expert remote support, advance hardware replacement with 2-way shipping, onsite support (coverage varies by region), and up to 7 years warranty (3-years standard in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia & New Zealand; 5-years standard in the UK).
  • Included SMART Remote Management software - A 3-year subscription (5-years in the UK) will now also be bundled in with every SMART Board 6000S series


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