Absen LED iCon C110 3.0

Item code ICONC110 3.0
Display diagonal 110 "

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Absen Redefines the Standard for Meeting Room Display

  • In today’s meeting rooms, ambient light often plays a negative factor to ensuring that content, typically displayed with conventional projectors, is clearly seen by attendees; often times such ambient light causes the picture that is casted by a projector to become washed out, barely visible and illegible 
  • Welcome to Absenicon. This new LED display series takes the current meeting room experience to the next level by creating a bright, open and highly-productive meeting environment. Absenicon helps grab and maintain your attendees’ attention while improving information delivery effective-ness and overall efficiency at each and every meeting

New Visual Impact

  • Bringing content to life thanks to high levels of brightness, contrast ratio and color saturation
  • With adjustable brightness levels from 0-350nits, Absenicon is able to offer clear images in 300lux office environments
  • Outstanding grayscale performance, with brightness level even lower than 100nits
  • No more projector shadows as well as noise interference, promising better meeting experience

Perfect View

  • Enables every meeting member to receive complete presentation content and improve productivity to a brand new realm
  • The contrast ratio exceeds 4,000:1 through ANSI 16-zone (4x4) checkerboard pattern. With enhanced colors and deeper black, the image is colorful and dazzling all the time whether in bright or dark room

C Series Application Scenarios

  • Brightness 350nits, adjustable from 0-350nits
  • Standard 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 1080P resolution, FHD display (1920*1080)
  • High fidelity point-to-point display of 1080P@60Hz signal
  • Super low power consumption
  • With panel thickness of less than 10cm and front maintenance advantage, this product in wall mounting installation is space-saving and helps save decoration costs
  • Mobile APP supports control over the connection and disconnection system, brightness and color temperature adjustment etc.
  • Standardized spare parts including frames and hangers etc.
  • Modular design makes installation easier and transportation more convenient

Application Scenarios

Ideal for today’s high-end small, medium and large meeting rooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, class-rooms, exhibition halls,etc.
Recommended size and capacity:

  • C110: 20-40 seats
  • C138: 30-50 seats
  • C165: 60-100 seats
  • C220: 100-300 seats


Display diagonal
110 "