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Absen LED A2719 Plus

Item code
A2719 Plus

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Highlighted functionality

Get the best of both worlds.

The Acclaim Plus series offer the flexibility and performance to design the signage solution of your dreams, creating the ultimate seamless digital art. The Acclaim Plus series can be wall mounted, hung or stacked from the floor. It can be built in a vast variety of shapes and sizes and is compatible with most media players. The Acclaim Plus series are not only one of the most versatile video solutions on the market but provides picture perfect bezel free video display to take your message to the next level.

Higher Color Accuracy
CrystalView Technology
A LED can display more details with more vivid images and richer color than a normal LCD. This is because LED display can enrich the color layering to enhance the details. But traditionally even on LED as one decreased the brightness the greyscale also decreased leaving images flat at low brightness levels. The Acclaim Plus series use a premium chip which with PWM that can maintain complete detail and high contrast ratio and achieve high greyscale even at low brightness levels. This allows a natural and smooth color gradient and superior image accuracy at almost any brightness setting and room condition. So, no matter the location, the Acclaim Plus will always look outstanding!

Easy to use
LED professionals in the AV industry are already aware of the benefit of using LED technology; the ease-of-use from installation to operation and maintenance. But the connection between LCD for business and TVs at home have made it seem simpler. That is no longer true. If you can manage LCD, you can easily master Acclaim Plus series. It is a user-friendly product that uses standard sizes, resolutions, video inputs and VESA mounts. Offering even greater flexibility and options for installation the Acclaim Plus performs better with less effort than LCD.

HDMI-Direct Technology
Directly plug HDMI into the panels without the need for traditional LED data cables and sending boxes. Acclaim Plus Direct HDMI inputs make installation faster, simpler and performance even more stable.

100% VESA compatible
Four Acclaim plus panels create a 55” display that can be mounted on any VESA mount. Multiple 55” displays can be VESA mounted to create whatever sized display required. All without bezel or seems.

EasyMount Kit
Special wall mount allows self-location. When we fixed first wall mount, the rest of others can be fixed directly without any tool’ s assistance. The four corners of panel have special location pin which can match wall mount. Also with panel “fast lock” , quick installation is absolutely achievable in front maintenance. Thickness of whole structure is only 9 cm, saving installation space.

Front Install
Installing a video wall in public space can be very difficult, especially in retail stores. For these tough spaces or anytime the screen will be mounted without rear access a 100% front installation is needed. Fortunately, the Acclaim is fully front mountable. The EasyMount Kit can be installed directly on the wall. Once the mounting kit is assembled just remove the modules from the frame, mount the panels to the kit, align the panels and put the modules back on. The process is simple, quick and avoids damaging the LEDs on the module.

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