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Aver CAM550 USB Cam, 4K. PTZ 61U3010000AC
Huddly S1 + USB, Wall Mnt, 2m cable 7090043790764
Huddly GO, Travel Kit 7090043790009
Huddly IQ with Mic - NFR unit 7090043790580 - DEMO
Huddly L1 kit NFR 7090043790672 - DEMO
Huddly IQ - NFR unit 7090043790573 - DEMO
Huddly IQ w/ Mic, travel kit - NFR 7090043790115 - DEMO
Huddly IQ with Mic 7090043790580
Huddly ONE, Work From Anywhere kit 7090043790603
Huddly L1 + USB, Wall Mnt, 2m cable 7090043790672
Huddly IQ 7090043790573
Huddly GO, Work From Home Kit 7090043790467
Huddly Canvas - Whiteboard Cam (EU) 7090043790535
Huddly IQ with Mic, travel kit 7090043790115
Trust Iris Conference cam + Mount TRUSTANDMOUNT
Trust Iris Conference camera 24073
Samsung Power Cord VG-WR00PKIT
Airtame Hub Power Supply Unit (EU) AT-CD1-PSU-EU
Airtame Hub - HybridConferencing AT-CD1-ROOMS-1Y
Airtame PoE ExtWarranty - total 4Y AT-POE-WA-4Y
Airtame 2 power supply box AT-PSU-EMEA
Airtame 2 ExtWarranty - total 4Y AT-DG2-WA-4Y
Airtame PoE ExtWarranty - total 3Y AT-POE-WA-3Y
Airtame 2 ExtWarranty - total 3Y AT-DG2-WA-3Y
Airtame magnet mount AT-MAG
Airtame split cable AT-AC
Airtame Cloud Plus 1 up to 5 sites ATCPSITE5
Airtame Cloud Plus 1 up to 50 sites ATCPSITE50
Airtame Cloud Plus 1 up to 100sites ATCPSITE100
Airtame Cloud Plus 1 up to 20 sites ATCPSITE20
Airtame Cloud Plus license 3Y AT-CLOUD-PLUS-3
Airtame Cloud Plus 1 up to 10 sites ATCPSITE10
Airtame Cloud Plus license 2Y AT-CLOUD-PLUS-2
Airtame Extension Cord AT-IEC-XX
Airtame 2 Wireless Presenter Dongle AT-DG2
Airtame Cloud Plus license 1Y AT-CLOUD-PLUS-1