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Uitgelichte functionaliteiten

Pull Back accessory for attachment to bottom V20 enclosure to facilitate compression suspension of VTX V20 arrays. Compression can be implemented using a separate chain motor and suspension point (Rear Motor Pullback) or by using an optional VTX-V20-LH chain lever hoist or chain motor that is attached to the VTX-V20-AF-EB extension bar (Extension Bar Pullback).


  • Central pullback bar including two captive Quick Release Pins (QRPs) on lanyards
  • Two left/right adapter brackets for connection to the bottom VTX V20 cabinet and the central spreader bar
  • 2 x 5/8” shackles for attaching spreader bar to chain bridle
  • 1 x 18” dual leg chain bridle with locking safety hooks and upper master link for attachment of compression device
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